The New Gold Standard

Gold Bar Disposable Vapes are one of the most popular ways to ingest nicotine on the market today. Raising the bar within the vape industry, the careful craftsmanship and unique high-quality blending process brings a first-rate product at the highest convenience. Gold Bar is the classy alternative to the bright, bold world of disposable vapes with a high-grade mesh coil for less throat hit and the smoothest experience.


Gold Bar’s distinguished range of flavours stray from the norm with their fresh sun-infused tastes. Soak in that beach bum vibe with Piña colada notes of Hawaiian Sunrise, or bright polynesian punch of Bora Bora grape flavour. Let your senses run wild with fresh apple and strawberry Oasis or bright apple and cherry bursts of Summer Berries. Whether you want fresh Spearmint or juicy strawberry and grape Prime, you’re sure to find the flavour for you.

Gold Bar for Beginners

The unmatched convenience of being able to whip your device in and out with no buttons or parts to fuss with on the Gold Bar make for a superior vaping enjoyment. The assembly of an MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DTL (direct-to-lung) can seem daunting to newbies, so the simplicity of disposable use is a prime selling point.

Making the switch from cigs

Compared to cigarettes, Gold Bar vapes are a safer, cheaper alternative to smoking. Many long-time smokers make the switch to vapes in light of the lack of long term health side effects in comparison to other forms of nicotine consumption. You’re able to look and smell superior smoking your Gold Bar disposable.


Gold Bar vapes are an economic alternative to smoking cigarettes. Although Gold Bar is an elite calibre of disposable vape, the difference in cost is still worthwhile when making a comparison between your typical pack of 20 cigarettes.


Gold Bar pride themselves on surpassing industry standards in every way, from quality to safety. Extensive research has shown that Disposable Vapes are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. When you vape, you forgo the common tells of nicotine use such as yellow teeth, brittle fingernails and bloodshot eyes. None of these side effects occur when you’re using Gold Bar Disposables, as well as smelling divine by comparison.


Gold Bar prides itself on being readily accessible for instant gratification. Simply unpackage your vape and start your draw immediately. We all know that people are more likely to buy with convenience in mind - it’s just common sense. Stocked by any reputable Vape retailer in store and online, locating the great taste of Gold Bar is easier than ever.

It’s fashion

Gold Bar embraces the fashionable nature of disposable vapes. It’s elegant style strays from traditional disposable designs. Giving a champagne aesthetic on a lemonade budget, the Gold Bar Disposable is for the classier vape enthusiast. Think G&T girls, think effortlessly fly, think high value men. Differentiating from the bold and pastel world of disposables, Gold Bar is effortlessly sharp with its matte gold surfaces and sleek black mouthpiece and features.

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