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The popularity of disposable vapes is undeniable. Gold Bar has gone from strength to strength through the disposable vape boom, culminating in the creation of one of the slickest components on the market today.

What are Gold Bar Disposables?

gold bar vapes are the first-class choice of compact easy to use disposable on market today. gold devices incorporate forward thinking hyper-mesh coil technology for smoothest possible hits. minimising throat-hit and maximising taste it become hard beat elite quality vape enjoyment.

Gold Bar technology takes the industry standard and runs with it, right into the heart of developing the highest quality vapes on the market. Blending top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to deliver elite results and superior flavour profiles, Gold Bar is the height of luxury in the midst of the disposable vape boom.

How do Gold Bar vapes work?

Gold Bar vapes minimise effort for maximum payoff. The device operates through an inhale activation via the sleek mouthpiece. This means one swift draw of the Gold Bar unleashes the unbeatable flavours only found in the Gold Bar range.

With no buttons, screens or gizmos the disposable design is easily the fastest and most convenient on the market. Inhale from the top of your device to automatically activate the Gold Bar built-in battery to instantly heat your coil and vaporise the flavour inside.

How much Nicotine is in a Gold Bar vape?

Gold Bar Disposables hold 2mg (2%) Nicotine content across the board in all your favourite flavours.

How long does a Gold Bar last?

A Gold Bar vape is designed to last up to 600 puffs, but this will range depending on use.

Can you refill or recharge Gold Bar vapes?

Gold Bar disposable vapes can’t be refilled or recharged. Designed to be as convenient and quick as possible, Gold Bar batteries are designed to last for their 600 puff duration. Gold Bar vapes house a built-in battery and heating element with a pre-filled 2ml 2% nicotine salt and your favourite Gold Bar flavour.

Are Gold Bar Vapes safe to use?

All Gold Bar Vapes are premium-level disposable devices registered with the MHRA, passing all compliance checks.

What makes Gold Bar the best disposable vape?

Gold Bar is designed to be the best high-quality disposable vape on the market. Their game changing hyper mesh coil and dynamic atomiser make Gold Bar one of the smoothest draw activated disposables available. Partnered with their enlightened flavour profile range and chic and ornate component, it’s hard to beat the Gold Bar experience.

Which Gold Bar has the best flavour?

Gold Bar flex a dynamic range of 22 of radical flavours. Gold Bar specialises in punchy flavour with a smooth hit that can’t be found anywhere else. Sun-kissed tastes inspired by the North American coast branch out from the norm with a radical taste profile specific to Gold Bar vapes. Catch a beach bum vibe with the Piña colada infusion of Hawaiian Sunrise, or the bright polynesian punch of Bora Bora triple grape flavour. Invigorate your senses with fresh apple and strawberry Oasis, or bright apple and cherry bursts of Summer Berries. Whether you want fresh Spearmint or juicy strawberry and grape Prime, you’re sure to find the flavour for you.

How do I know when my Gold Bar is empty?

Gold Bar vapes have an LED indicator located at the bottom of the device which will flash when the device fluid is low or running out. As with all disposable components, your vape will begin to produce weaker flavours towards the end of its lifespan.

How do I dispose of my Gold Bar Vape?

Gold Bar vapes can be disposed of correctly at your local vape store or household recycling centres. There may also be designated recycling bins at pharmacies or supermarkets.

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