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Disposable vapes are designed to be the most easily accessible. Disposables come pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to draw. Disposable vapes are by far the fastest, most simple way to vape. The recent Government research from ‘Making Smoking Obsolete’ shows how smoking is highly prevalent among many of the poorest regions of the country.

Safety & illegal variants

Our site is fully stocked with authorised, means tested devices that follow all government guidelines. Illegal consignments of bootleg vapes are becoming increasingly lucrative on the black market due to the influx in popularity of vaping in general. These devices can lead to serious health impacts or ingestion of illegal or harmful substances.

Mental Health and Quitting Smoking

Public Health England conducted a study in 2021 that showed people with mental health conditions are almost twice as likely to smoke. The average smoking rate in England is 27% compared to just 14% of the general population. Those looking to quit smoking entirely find vapes a faster, cheaper alternative that’s much easier to ween yourself off in the long run.

Disposables compared to e-cigs

Disposable vapes are the most common side step from smoking for those looking to quit or just fancy trying something different. When looking into making the switch with e-cigarettes, the options and maintenance of pod kits and opening up the world of coil jargon can be super intimidating or confusing. This is why Disposable Devices are the go to choice for vaping newbs and ex-smokers.

Recycling & the environment

The main concern for many with both smoking and vaping are the environmental impacts of cigarette butts and vape cartridges. Cigarette butts are consistently the most common form of litter in the world with over 4 trillion found on the ground each year. With one disposable vape housing the ability to last up to two days, this replaces 40 cigarettes. Switching to vaping is far more sustainable both health wise and environmentally.

Eco friendly Disposal

Disposable vape cartridges can be recycled at local vape shops, supermarkets and local recycling centres. Vapes definitely have the least environmental impact in terms of quantity, but the batteries in disposable vapes are of the most concern environmentally. Lithium batteries in vapes must be disposed of in much the same way that you would dispose of any other household battery.

Cost of Vapes vs Smoking

It’s no secret that Vaping is far cheaper than Smoking. Smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes a day accrues to a costly £4179 a year at £11.45 a pack. Disposable vapes range from £3 - £6 and will last around 2 days for your average smoker. For those with a 20-a-day habit you could save up to 93% after making the vape switch. To further manage your smoking outgoings, venturing into refillable vapes is a great choice after your initial interaction with disposables.

Vape Etiquette

There are no Government enforced laws which forbid the use of vapes in public places, but it’s always good to brush up or take note of any local establishment restrictions that may apply. As a general rule, it’s best to vape within your own personal space and not to obstruct others with your vape clouds.

Disposables v refillables

We know by now that disposables are a cheaper alternative to cigarettes, but you can make your money go even further by moving from disposable to refillable devices. Moving to a pod kit set up comes with an initial investment cost and a little bit of learning when it comes to maintenance and upkeep, but unlocks a world of ultimate customisation of flavours and nicotine strengths. Disposable devices are of course infinitely more convenient to pick up on the go and offer seemingly infinite options.

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